Walking in

Artemonas is a settlement offered for relaxing walks in the morning or in the afternoon hours. It’s quite interesting to explore the narrow streets and let yourself get carried away by the images and the scents of the flowery yards. Every alley is different and hides many beauties.

You can follow the trail that starts from the main square of the settlement (50m from the hotel) and leads to Apollonia passing through the village of Pano Petali. You can also wander through the narrow streets of Agios Loukas (essentially it is an extension of Artemonas), where the view from the Kastro, Kato Petali and the Aegean Sea is unique.

The central paving of Artemonas in Sifnos
On the path from Artemonas to Apollonia
The path to Agios Sostis the mines

Sifnos Trails

Apart from the quaint streets of the villages with the financial aid of the Sifnians of Istanbul (immigrants of an earlier era) and with the continuous toil of the inhabitants of Sifnos in their effort to cultivate their fields and move their animals, Sifnos features about 200 km (100 mapped) old trails.

Some trails are paved and others are in good condition thanks to the organized efforts of the local authorities and volunteers in their maintenance.

The hiking trails are highly mapped and there are marks that facilitate the orientation.

The trails of Sifnos

Starting point

Artemon hotel is an ideal starting point for nature lovers who want to discover picturesque landscapes, archaeological sites, monasteries, churches and secluded beaches by walking among fides (type of cedar tree), oregano, sage, lentisks and thyme.

Agia Marina in Flambouro

Organising a tour

At Artemon Hotel, we are willing to assist with any questions you may have, prepare your snacks for your itinerary or arrange your transportation with a vehicle, our own or not, wherever you need to.

For organized hiking tours, we have experience and we are at your disposal.

Artemon hotel is an ideal base for hikers (individually or in groups) as several trails start from Artemonas or connected to it.

The Kastro settlement

The trails

Some trails whose starting points are close to the hotel are:

  • Artemonas - Agios Andreas (via Poulati and Kastro) (trail 1) - 8,6km

  • Artemonas - Panagia Poulati (trail 1) - 1,3km

  • Artemonas - Kastro (trail 1) - 2,8km

  • Artemonas - Agios Simeon (trail 7) - 7km

  • Artemonas - Agios Sostis (trail 8) - 5,9km

  • Artemonas - Prophet Helias (via Apollonia till the monastery of Fyrrogeia and then follow trail 6B) - 6km

  • Artemonas - Vathi (via Apollonia and then follow trail 5) - 10km

The paths of Sifnos


For more information about the trails of Sifnos please visit the link below:

sifnos trails